10 Essential Productivity Tips for Visual Studio Code

3. View Multiple Files at Once


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Most modern text editors can support multiple files at once, allowing you to switch between open files through some kind of tab-based interface. More advanced text editors may even support side-by-side text editing, which VS Code does (albeit horizontally only). computer science computer science computer science 

But side-by-side editing is tough on smaller screens, whether that means on a laptop or an older monitor—and that’s where VS Code shines. computer science computer science computer science 

It has something called dynamic panels, where if one of the open document panels is too narrow, it will automatically widen when you make that document active (i.e. place your cursor in it). If you’re still using a resolution close to 720p, you’ll love this feature. computer science computer science computer science 

4. Edit Multiple Lines at Once


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If you ever need to insert or delete multiple instances of text throughout a document, all you have to do is create multiple cursors. You can do this by holding down Alt (or Optionon Mac) and clicking anywhere in the text. Every click creates a new cursor. computer science computer science computer science 

This is particularly useful for things like HTML, where you might want to add many instances of the same class or change the format of several hyperlinks. Learn it and love it.

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