4 Tips for Computer Science Grads Entering the Workforce

In this special guest feature, Pablo Stern, CTO at Radius, shares some tips for new computer science graduates entering the workforce, including why they should consider working in the data science field. Pablo loves shipping product. Prior to Radius he held business, engineering, and technology leadership roles at Microsoft, Symantec and Veritas. Most recently he was Veritas’ Chief Technology Officer. Pablo holds dual degrees in Engineering and Computer Science with High Honors from Dartmouth and has completed the Stanford Executive Program.

Finding your first job after college can be daunting. You’re navigating a maze of advisors, career fairs, companies, peers, and interviews – all while in many cases still working through your regular course load. While the job hunting process can be overwhelming across all industries, the following are a few key areas to keep in mind for computer science majors preparing to enter the workforce. computer science computer science computer science 

1) Show off your skills

You are applying for a position in a field that expects and looks for certain skill sets. Make sure that your resume clearly outlines the courses, projects, concepts, tools, and languages applicable to the position. If available, take a look at which technologies are required of the job and be prepared to speak to them. computer science computer science computer science 

Immediately post college, you may not have much work experience aside from a few internships. One way to differentiate yourself from competing job seekers is through hobby software projects (e.g. contributing to open source, posting on Github). A hiring manager will take notice because it provides you with a portfolio of work that differentiates your application.  computer science computer science computer science 

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