GM & Honda Expand Partnership With Electric Vehicle Batteries

General Motors and Honda Motor Co. have teamed up for a next-generation battery for Electric Vehicles (EVs). While they will be for EVs, which GM intends to roll out 20 new models for the global market by 2023, Honda intends to use this technology almost exclusively for the US market.

According to Bloomberg, this is not the first time that GM and Honda have worked together to bring cleaner technology to automobiles. The two companies are presently working on a hydrogen-powered car as well. In the hydrogen vehicle market, Honda is the leading proponent, and this deal will allow both manufacturers to bring a vehicle of this nature to the market by 2020.

This deal is good for both automakers as GM can spread the R&D cost around once they, along with Honda, bring some additional cars to the market, allowing them to just re-invest in making the technology even more efficient and cheaper, and these savings will be brought along to the consumer long term.

This partnership also makes sense for Honda because they can utilize the wealth of knowledge that General Motors has with electric models, given the fact that GM has dabbled with EVs since the mid-1990s when their first EV, the GM EV1, was first revealed. GM had this car around from 1996 to  1999 and prematurely killed it off. During those three years, 1,117 units were produced.

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