The Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate Edition Sends Our Favorite British Coupe Out With a Bang

This is the end for the current generation of the Aston Martin Vanquish – and what an end it will be. The Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate is specced out so lavishly, one may find it fitting only for a selected few. It is quite possibly the best Vanquish ever built. Limited to 175 cars, this last hurrah for the Vanquish is available as both a Coupe and a Volante. Simply put, this is a Vanquish built for kings.

Easily one of the most striking and the most beautiful designs ever released in the world of cars, this particular Vanquish S Ultimate Edition has been treated with an Ultimate Black finish with Copper Bronze details. The car most certainly screams aristocracy and refinement, but it is available with other exterior finish as well. Aston Martin also sells it in Xenon Grey with Cobalt Blue accents and White Gold with Bronze accents. The designer surfaces are not limited to the exterior paint and finish, though. The Aston Martin features carbon fiber side strakes with rose gold “Ultimate” decals, bespoke stitching, carbon fiber plates, “Ultimate” headrest embroidery, special sill plaques, and an exclusive leather treatment inside.

In fact, the striking exterior can be further complemented with an Obsidian Black theme with Chestnut Tan accents on the inside. A Phantom Grey theme with Electron Yellow accents and Spectral Blue stitching is available as well. Finally, you can flip the script and opt for Chestnut Tan with Obsidian Black details as the last option for the Vanquish S Ultimate.

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